Be Safe. Be Prepared. Be Protected.

About CoreTex Products

We offer a complete line of complementary skin care products specially formulated to keep you protected while being outdoors.

This includes everything from sun screen and lip balm to poison ivy barriers & cleansers and insect repellent protection to an antibacterial hand sanitizer. Not only are these products of the highest quality available, they were developed to meet or exceed all government standards including FDA, EPA and O.S.H.A. Our products truly promote skin protection for the outdoors.

We started our company in 1999 with the intent of making a difference in industrial skin care.

Not just with formulas but with affordable packaging that would allow an employer the option to develop, implement and continue to offer their employees a safe and compliant wellness program for skin care.

Our first product was Sun X 30SPF Sunscreen. We knew we had an OTC, FDA compliant formula; we had an independent laboratory test it. When we looked at affordable packaging we decided single dose foil pack packaging was the proper application. We were the first company in our industry to offer, not just foil packs, but foil packs that included a towelette for complete and even product application. We now had available a quality sunscreen that protected the outside employee and packaging the employer could afford. Sun X SPF 30 Sunscreen leads the industry as the most accepted sun protection lotion product available for the outside worker.

With the overwhelming acceptance of Sun X we then developed additional skin care products that met our core beliefs, and make a difference by offering additional products that are relevant and offer them in affordable packaging.

Our goals are simple, stay true to who we are and continue to make a difference by offering USA-made products that are effective, affordable, and relevant to the industrial skincare market.

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